About Us


Broad Street Studio was opened by Mike in 2006 after he fell in love with the City of Bath at the age of 21.
We aim to offer the safest and most enjoyable piercing experience possible in our bright and welcoming studio.
Our staff of dedicated body piercing and jewellery specialists will cater to each individual and spend time working with them to ensure they get the perfect piercing.
We are a fully disposable studio meaning every single piercing we perform is done so with single use, sterile items that are disposed of after each procedure.

Offering safe, up to date piercing techniques to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients is the most important thing to us which is why our piercers are full members of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and the United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP).
These are not for profit health and safety organisations that help ensure piercers follow the best practices for their clients.




Our Piercers

Mike Hill

Mike has been piercing since 2002 and is the owner of Broad Street Studio.

He has worked tirelessly over those years to develop his knowledge and skill as a piercer and has attented both the APP conference in Las Vegas, USA and the UKAPP seminars here in England.
As well as gaining valuable knowledge there Mike is proud to have taught classes at both events, helping other piercers improve their knowledge. Mike's classes were dedicated to Disposable Piercing and the benefits it has for both piercers and clients.

Mike is a proud member of the APP and UKAPP and continues to note only meet, but exceed their minimum requirements as a piercer.

As well as being a piercer here, Mike is the jeweller behind our very own White Bear Body Jewellery. Over the last few years Mike has develped his skill as a jeweller to offer our very own range of exquisite 18k, solid gold body jewellery adorned with beautiful precious stones.


Mike lives just outside Bath in Frome with his wife Lucy, son Rufus and their staffy Lolly.

Jason Heeney

Jason joined the Broad Street Studio team in 2018 from Ireland where he was regarded as one of the top piercers in the country.

He has been piercing professionally since 2012 and throughout that time has become a regular attendee at the APP conferences in Las Vegas, USA and UKAPP seminars here in the UK.
On top of gaining valuable knowledge and continually striving to improve his skillset as a piercer he also dedicates part of his time volunteering at the APP conferences, helping attendees to enjoy their experience and helping organisers with the day to day running of the biggest piercing conference in the world.

Jason is a proud member of the APP and UKAPP and continues to not only meet, but exceed their minimum requirements as a piercer.

Jason is also the owner and jeweller of Petra Stoneworks and specialises in cutting beautiful cabochons and jewellery out of semi-precious stones.


Jason lives in the small town of Frome with his partner Jess and their doggo Echo.

Broad Street Studio 26 Broad Street, Bath, BA1 5LW 01225 329825 contact@broadstreetstudio.co.uk


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